After the storm

On Wednesday I was up in my ABCNJ office when a massive storm tore through the area. I was soon getting reports of a possible tornado in my town, and was quickly in contact with my family. After a few texts I learned two things.

First. The schools were both ok, though the lights flickered a bit.

Second. The power was on in my house 1.

A bit later, my neighbors checked in and I learned the rest of our neighborhood was intact, though trees were down on some streets. News outlets were not reporting any deaths, and I wasn’t seeing any big red flags on my social networking feed 2. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I expected a terrible drive home, but actually picked a route which avoided both closed roads and unpowered traffic lights. It wasn’t until I went to pick up my wife from work I began to discover some of the damage to the town. Due to the rain we’ve been getting, the ground so saturated the storm’s high winds uprooted a number of trees. The picture depicted below is a tree which had fallen completely over and glanced off a nearby house. By the time I got out to take pictures it had already been removed. The town did an excellent job cleaning up.

An uptrooted tree, cut down to the stump and then stood back up.

We were really fortunate, as the damage really should have been worse than it was. Though today I discovered a postal carrier in Riverton has been hospitalized as the result of a tree falling on his mail truck.

Nature is beautiful, but it can be frightening.

  1. I could access my NAS drive. 
  2. A Facebook news feed can be a pastor’s friend. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    A large limb came down in front of home but then town cleaned it up rather quickly . No other damage. We watched it from the dinning room window. It was wild.

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