I’m tired of this


I’ve been borrowing my neighbor’s Apple Watch for the past several days, and I’d planed to make Monday’s post my “thoughts thus far” with the experience.

Then a monster decided he didn’t like some people and decided to kill 50 people, and wound 53 more, at a gay night club.

I don’t mention my foiled intention to blog on the Apple Watch as a way of saying, “Woe is me.” I’m bring it up to say, “Woe is the world.” Because, as silly as an Apple Watch review might be, that is what life in God’s Creation should be like. It should be about the joy of wonder, discovery, and even playfulness in this incredible world which we’ve been given. We should be free to strive, to cherish, and live.

This is what was taken away in the Orlando Night Club. It was taken away certainly from the 50 who were senselessly murdered. But it was also taken away from the wounded, and others present, and the families of those who are now wrestling with loss. It was taken away, as well, from the rest of us. This is what terrorism does. It’s not that it makes us afraid. Rather, it’s most toxic venom, teaches it’s victims this life is not about discovery and wonder, but about identifying the correct people to hate.

I have seen people buying this bait again. More guns, less guns, evil Muslims, the gays reaped what they sowed, religion is evil. It’s like a broken record.

You know what? I am clearly on the side of sensible gun regulation, and don’t have a blessed clue why a weapon used in so many mass shootings is still available on the market 1. It’s just where I am and I have no reason not be honest about that. But, at the same time, I have no desire to partake in the online buffet of pretension which is being offered right now 2. Instead I have something else I want to say.

Terrorism can go to hell.

The people involved in terrorist actions hate diversity of thought and opinion. They despise openness and the nagging awareness people who don’t adhere to their toxic beliefs can experience joy. The only way to have victory over people with such poisonous beliefs is to double-down on the very things they despise. Because to do otherwise, to take up the ideology of hatred and rage, is to agree with those who espouse terrorism. Because when we take up the ideology of rage and hatred we’re saying the terrorist’s impulses are actually correct – the only thing we disagree with them about is the target.

I will not live that way. I will not live in God’s world pondering how far I can extend the ideology “better us than them.” Instead, I will mourn for all those who suffer from such atrocities, and I will continue to look into this world for beauty and love and joy and wonder. I will strive to see the “other” as my neighbor, instead of my enemy. And I will pray for the peace which surpasses all understanding to be made manifest on earth in all it’s splendor.

Who’s with me?

  1. The AR-15. 
  2. For mercy’s sake, if you want to be involved in a societal wrestling match over gun violence, do people the service of creating your own thoughts instead of regurgitating memes. OK?