Lawn Antiquing


One of the things I enjoy doing when out on photowalks is keeping my eyes open for the ways people decorate their yards. I find the image of a perfectly manicured grass lawn boring 1, so when people take the time to give their yards character my interest in peaked.

The home where this image was captured isn’t too far from my house, and there isn’t a blade of grass in it boundaries. Instead, it’s bordered by an old iron fence, and broken up into different flower beds, divided by brick paths. Interspersed in the montage are a number of old antiques, including this old sewing machine. The red-orange tint of rust only adds to it’s character, and the family even makes sure this old machine is adorned with a spool of thread. I wonder how many times a year they change that?

Old sewing machine

  1. Also, I’m apparently allergic to grass pollen, so there’s that. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    At the edge of our lawn was a small stream aNd mother put a large rock that was flat,every day the sun was shinning a snake curled himself on that rock. People thought it was a fake

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