Boat house at sunset

Yesterday evening my wife and I took a walk along the Delaware just as the Sun was setting. We happened by the Riverton Yacht Club 1 as the colors of the sky began to glow, backlighting it’s iconic boathouse.

Other than a jpeg conversion from RAW, this photo has not been altered in any way. This the picture my camera captured, and I think It’s beautiful 2.

Riverton Yacht Club Boathouse at sunset

  1. It’s really just sailboats. 
  2. Also, I finally captured an image of one of the robins which have been taunting me all spring. But you’ll have to go to my Flickr album to see it. 

1 thought on “Boat house at sunset

  1. I love it. It is beautiful . I see the cardinal but not the robin too clearly. You capture beauty in the handiwork of our Creator

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