Unpacking Expanding council

It’s time to get the gang back together! Ama’s arrival was the final piece needed to begin the outward journey. Let’s unpack.


I enjoy Tollen as a character. He’s a good foil for Walter when he popped up in the story, and is lot more fun than the only other friendly foil Walter has faced – Senator Kaitlyn.

As enjoyable as he is, however, it was never my intention to have him journey with the group out of The Ravine. His appearance in this scene, however, seems to indicate he’d likely rebel if he were left behind. So Tollen will be around a bit moving ahead. Walter is not happy about this, he still thinks his old friend bears him ill will. It’s not true, but Tollen is having too much fun not clearing that misconception up for him.

The Seekers

This quasi-religious group has demonstrated great influence in the life of The Valleys, even though they are officially a powerless sect filled with despised fanatics. It’s only Tollen’s history with Valley politics which has kept him from spreading Jeremy’s true identity to all his kin up to this point. If Tollen announced Jeremy was planning to move South toward the lost city of the Prismatics, a general migration would probably occur. As much as he would love to see the Seeker’s core beliefs validated, he knows that would be a dangerous occurrence.

Jeremy’s Memory

Jeremy is beginning to remember his dreams in the form of intuition and mental impressions. The core of his actions and conversations are still muddled, but he at last realizes who is guiding the steps of his journey. This is a sign his memory is beginning to emerge.

The re-emergence of his color sight is another sign of his surfacing memory. In all the months Jeremy’s been in The Ravine all he could see was purple, the color of war. The depth of this dark veil was so great he’d actually taken steps to prevent himself from using this ability until Ama was able to train him more fully. The hint of orange around Michael, which Sheilak can also see, is a sign his previous mastery of this skill is reasserting itself.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of his past returning is Jeremy’s declaration about the boundary forest. He’s not guessing he’s been through that forest, he knows it. And can almost see the very paths he walked.

Sheilak’s return

When Jeremy remarks on Sheilak’s welcomed return, he believed she was spending time with her family. As we found out last week, however, the Guardian has actually be attempting to clear a safe path for the party all the way to Woodhall. She doesn’t know, however, about Walter’s plan to travel to the Summer retreats.