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Today’s blog is the continuation of, Welcome to the Valleys. If you would like to catch up with the tale, the first section can be found at this link

Welcome to the Valleys CoverAfter Ama’s arrival, Jeremy quickly summoned his friends to he and Walter’s quarters. Michael had been preparing to come on duty, and knocked on the door shortly after Ama’s arrival. Walter had been preparing for a strategy session with Senator Kaitlyn, and pretended to be annoyed by the sudden summons.

“Lad, I know you’re excited, but you can’t snatch me out of a meeting any time you want.” He’d voiced his displeasure, however, with a wink and a grin before embracing Ama in welcome.

Talum was fetched from the Hall of Healers via voice crystal and arrived, much to Walter’s displeasure, with Tollen in tow.

“All right. We’re all here, Jeremy,” began Ama.

“And some uninvited guests as well,” Walter cut in.

“Walter, I don’t believe that’s helpful. Tollen has been a friend and is certainly welcome to hear what Jeremy has to say.”

“You’re right there, Meddle! The Seekers have been waiting years to meet an actual Prismatic. If Jeremy has something to do, I will witness it for them!”

Jeremy stood up and held out his hand to call for quiet. “Tollen, I know this is important for you and the other Seekers. But you can’t share what we talk about here. No one can.”

In response Tollen said nothing. But after crossing his arms and leaning back into his chair he gave a reluctant nod. His desire to hear what the only known Prismatic was up was too great to insist he share what he heard.

“All right, Jeremy. We’re all agreed,” continued Ama. Though she looked directly at Talum as she emphasized the word “all.” Motioning Jeremy back to his seat, she added, “Now why don’t you sit back down and tell us what you need to say.”

“OK,” Jeremy mumbled as he turned to sit. After positioning himself comfortably he began.

“Well, Walter already knows this. And I’m assuming Terrin and Michael do as well, seeing how close they are to the President.”

“We do,” interjected Terrin, who nodded encouragingly.

“Well, here’s the thing. It’s time for me to go, and I need you all to come with me. Even Tollen, if he wants.”

“Go?” Ama replied as her brow wrinkled with confusion. “Jeremy, go where?”


“South where, kid?” asked Tollen. “To Woodhall?”

“No. Further.” Jeremy paused in thought for a moment, attempting to mentally picture his destination in his head. He was largely unsuccessful, but captured a flicker of memory which held the sound of crashing waves and a distant tower out in the ocean. He opened his eyes once more and surveyed his friends as he continued. “Much further. Maybe even over the sea.”

“You don’t know?”

“No, Ama, I don’t. My memories are mostly fog right now. When I think of where we need to go all I hear is the sound of waves…”

“You mean, the waves you hear along the coast?”

Jeremy nodded to Ama in agreement as he continued, “Yah. And there’s a tower I see, it’s somewhere out in the water. That’s where we need to head.”

“Tell them how you know it’s time to leave, lad.”

“Well, my father told me.”

Ama leaned forward in fascination, but it was Talum who responded first. The eagerness in his voice was evident, “Your father? That’s remarkable! Is here her as well?”

Jeremy tapped a finger against his temple. “In here. He sent a part of himself with me, and I get to see him in my dreams.”

“That’s wonderful!” Talum shouted. “Do you speak every night? Where are you when you speak? Can I give you a list of questions to ask him, the next time you dream? I have so wanted…”

“Talum,” cut in Walter.

“Hmm?” was all the absent-minded healer managed to grunt in response.

“Shut up and leave the lad alone.”

Talum’s expression grew pained. “But, Walter, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. A scholar like me…” Talum’s defense wilted under Walter’s stare. The healer looked around the room for potential supporters for his cause and, finding none, he surrendered, “Shutting up, Walter.”

“Thanks, Talum. I know you’re curious, but I’m still trying to process things. I don’t remember much of what I dream, only that I do. Certain impressions stay with me when I wake up. I know my Father speaks with me, and is calling me South. And I remember a bay at Sunset, and a city. But that’s it.”

To Jeremy’s surprise it was Tollen who seemed most excited by his words. Even Talum looked on in shock as the Seeker spoke, “Jeremy, that must be the lost city of the Prismatics! Is that where you’re from? Is the city South of here?”

“Tollen…” warned Walter.

In response, Tollen’s hand shot up to silence his old friend. “Don’t you dare think of telling me to shut up, Old Fox. I’m not pursuing some childish curiosity. And, unlike certain other interested parties, I empathize with Jeremy’s frustration.” Looking at Jeremy with compassion in his eyes, Tollen continued, “But, kid, what you’ve just said could be the solution the Seekers have been searching for all these years. It might be the key to restoring our lost history!”

“Tollen,” Ama soothed. “I understand your excitement, and how it must fan the flames of faith in both you and Michael.”

Surprised by Ama’s comment, Jeremy took the time to look up at his friend. Michael had become such a presence in his life, and was so easy for him to be around, he’d forgotten the guard was also part of the Seeker movement. As he examined his friend Jeremy did think he could sense a flicker of eagerness in Michael’s eyes. Just as he was about turn his attention back to Ama, however, he thought he noticed a faint glow of orange surrounding him.

Eagerness,” whispered Sheilak in his mind.

“Oh, you’re back,” he thought in response.

Many apologies for my absence, there were many preparations to be made.

“I understand, it’s good to have you back.”

Yes. You must tell them.

“Tell them what?”

What you suspect, it is important.

“…But Jeremy has said he doesn’t actually remember his dreams. I feel it unfair for us to continue to demand answers he’s unable to give,” rang Ama’s voice as Jeremy’s attention drew back to his surroundings.

“That’s OK, Ama. I don’t remember things, but I have some suspicions.”

Jeremy looked at the circle of his friends, who stared dumbfounded at their young companion. Finally, Walter grunted, “Well out with it lad, or some folks here might pass out from anticipation!” Both Tollen and Talum shot Walter cold stares, but turned back to Jeremy as he began to speak.

“OK. Yes, Tollen, I believe the city I see is the lost city of the Prismatics. I don’t live there, but I think I’ve been there. I don’t think anyone lives there anymore. But that’s all I can say right now.”

“Fair enough, kid, go on,” Tollen encouraged.

“It is South of here, more South than you’d imagine. And once we start traveling I have a feeling I’ll remember the way.”

“And all we have to do is travel deep into a forest from which no human being has ever returned. Isn’t that right, lad?”

“Well, Walter, that’s not entirely true.”

“Really now?”

Jeremy nodded. “Yes, I came through that forest, and I’m going to do it again.”

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  1. Is Jeremy’s journey coming to the end for which he was sent? If this was in a book form, I would keep reading till the next chapter and even then I might continue. But you keep me in suspense all the time

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