I guess I’m a “Watch Guy” after all

Modular watch face on the Apple Watch
The modular face is my favorite.

Several weeks ago, I borrowed an Apple Watch from my neighbor. At the time I shocked myself when my experiment left me with a favorable impression. I have never enjoyed wearing a watch, but something about the Apple Watch clicked. It fit into my workflow nicely, and I enjoyed how it’s fitness tracking made me want to be more active. When I returned it to my friend I told my wife, “You know, I think I really would like one of those.” She rolled her eyes and sighed. Such is life when you’re married to a geek.

Imagine my surprise, then, when my wife suggested we go out on Father’s Day and purchase one! Now I do find the Apple Watch to be over-priced 1, so I pumped the brakes a bit and suggested we think about adding the device to our T-Mobile plan. I could forgo some monthly spending and pay it off over time with no interest. When that didn’t appeal to her I looked for a better option, and found a refurbished Apple Watch on Bestbuy.com for $70 off the list price 2. I ordered the device and patiently waited for it to arrive for pickup.

I’ve worn it now for two weeks straight and am pleased to confirm my initial impressions were correct. This watch is a joy to both wear and use. In fact, my only complaint is the watch is not truly water proof. During the Summer months much of my activity is done in the water, and it bugs me not to get credit for my body surfing and diving board escapades in my health tracker!

It looks like I’m a “watch guy” after all.

  1. People who highly value watches would point out that for a watch the device is actually under priced. The problem is, the Apple Watch is perceived a “gadget” first and a “watch” second. As a “gadget,” it’s over-priced. 
  2. Before taxes, of course.