Soda bliss

Wednesday evening my wife and I went out with some friends to a coal fire pizzeria in Westmont, NJ. My neighbor and I had been there two weeks earlier as part of our guys pizza quest, but Bricco Pizza was so good we had to take our wives back to enjoy. They have the best pepperoni I’ve ever tasted. Period.

Rocket Fizz signAs we cycled through Westmont looking for a parking space, we spotted a store which we felt needed to be explored. Rocket Fizz is apparently a chain of old school candy & soda shops, and it was glorious.

I’ve significantly cut down on my soda intake over the years, so when I do drink soda I typically look for gourmet brands which are difficult to find. During my explorations I’ve discovered some incredible brands of root beer and ginger sodas 1, as well as a number of delicious colas. Exploring various venues is a fun way for me to taste some treats which call back to a bygone era.

The Discovery of Rocketfizz, leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

In one respect I’m sad that my exploration of soda-selling venues is over. Rocketfizz has every soda I’ve ever found, and hundreds more I’ve never before seen. There is no need to explore different shops, Rocketfizz is a one stop shop 2 for soda snobs 3.

On the other hand, there are so many varieties of soda at Rocketfizz I will not live long enough to drink every one I find palatable. So, while my quest is over in one respect, it’s expanded beyond my wildest dreams in another.

I’m pretty comfortable with the trade-off.

Rocket Fizz Haul
The haul from the night included a cherry coal made with cherry juice and not syrup. A sassparilia I’ve never tasted, and a rootbeer recommended by the owner and was delicious. The coffee soda is for my wife. I got bottle caps, my wife grew up eating Sugar Babies. We’ll split the chocolate.

  1. Both Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale. 
  2. And also, Bottlecaps, which I’ve not had in decades. I am on vacation… 
  3. I’ve achieved the trifecta of being a coffee, soda, and beer snob. Unfortunately, I’m only a tea enthusiast. Of the three, Coffee is the only one I drink regularly. One good thing about being a snob is it’s not economically possible to over-indulge – especially with soda, which I can drink to excess quite easily. 

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