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I don’t typically write about my family on my blog. I figure if they wanted share their lives with the online world they’d do it themselves1. When they do something public, however, I don’t mind letting the world know what they’ve been up to.

This is one of those times.


Last night our family travelled to see a nearby teen production of Les Misérables, where my daughter played Madame Thénardier. She loves making up over-the-top characters, and spends hours trying to perfect different accents and facial expressions to transform into these creatures from her imagination. When given an opportunity to play a character on stage which is every bit as over-the-top as her wildest imagination, she thrives.

What a joy for me to watch. Also, she got to swear several times during “Master of the House,” and there was nothing I could say about it. This made her especially happy2.

  1. My eldest doesn’t even want anything to do with social networking. 
  2. She get’s her oddball sense of propriety from her father 

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  1. Jamison says:

    My kids aren’t big into social media either. They spend half their lives on YouTube, but traditional social media like FB and Twitter just aren’t their style.

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