Dead End

Yesterday the humidity had dropped significantly, and the temperature was hovering around 80 or so. With the weather being so beautiful I decided to take a photo-walk on my way to and from a pastoral visit.

I took a different route home so I could photograph our local sports fields, but it was when I left the them behind I saw the real gem of the trip. A “Dead End” sign, which I’ve passed more times than I can remember since moving to Palmyra, stood in front of me — begging to be photographed 1.

It’s a fantastic subject. The bleak and ominous phrase announces doom to all who try to pass through 2. It’s also grimy, with dirt streaks and blemishes across it’s face. These features, set against the backdrop of a warm orange-yellow and a brilliant blue sky, create a splendid sense of dissonance. In reality, the sign is standing pleasant little side-street, surrounded by hedges and some pretty gardens. But from this angle it feels as though it should be out in the middle of nowhere, warning people of the end of the road — perhaps in metaphorical terms.

ISO 800
1/400 sec

  1. Though I suppose that also could have been dehydration. I forgot to bring water with me. 
  2. It’s really a misnomer. It’s not so much a dead end as it is a “T” intersection. The space is actually rather open, but not well lit at night, the sign keeps people from driving into someone’s yard. 

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