Flower Stroll

I woke up Saturday morning to deep great clouds and a temperature in the mid-60’s 1 The humidity was also significantly down, so I thought, “Why not take a walk?” So, after a cup of coffee, I did.

Before I set out, I switched over to my 40mm prime lens, and decided I’d concentrate on taking pictures of any flowers which caught my eye. I was a tad rushed, as I needed to home in time to get ready to preside over a funeral a bit later in the morning, but still managed to spend some time with truly beautiful pieces of natural art.

It’s amazing to me how, when one stops and admires a flower, how it ceases to be a generic “flower” — instead, the unique nature of each flower and petal emerges. The red, yellow, and gold hues in the flower depicted below is my favorite from the set. It is absolutely beautiful.

ISO 125
1/80 sec

Sadly, I know almost next to nothing about different flower breeds, but walks like this make me think it might be fun to learn.

  1. That’s Fahrenheit, for my readers in lands which use a temperature scale which actually makes sense.