September Flower

This morning I was honored to escort one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met as she participated in a walk-a-thon for the local Baptist retirement home 1. Miss Peg, who often comments on this blog, is 90 years old and communicates with me during the week mostly through iMessage on her iPad. She’s a rather remarkable person.

So off we went on the better part of a two mile walk. She didn’t make it the whole way, but it wasn’t for lack of trying 2 Walking with Miss Peg is a treat, especially when I have my camera on hand, because she stops and admires the world around her. Occasionally, she would point at something and say, “You need to take a picture of this, it’s beautiful.” And of course I would take a picture of whatever she asked.

The photo below is one such image. In the midst of a green field of grass and clovers, a single lavender flower grew. Peg was overjoyed by the unexpected color, and insisted it was worthy of my camera. I brought it back into Lightroom when I got home and developed the photo in a way which brought it’s color to the for. What’s in the image is much closer to my memory than why my camera captured with the sensor.

Nikon D7000
ISO 200
f 6.3
1/640 sec

Small Lavendar flower in a field of green

  1. It’s a bit of a misnomer now. There are Christians from all stripes, and a few folks from Jewish backgrounds, but the home is decidedly faith-based and Christian. 
  2. Her slightly abbreviated trip was actually my fault. I convinced her to cut it somewhat short, but only because the sidewalks in that part of town were a mess and I didn’t think it was safe to walk in the street.