What a Morning, A Haiku

This morning I woke up an hour and a half past my alarm. On a Sunday this is a disaster for a pastor. Once I woke up I quickly rushed around getting ready for the morning. But, being so discombobulated, I kept tripping over myself. Somehow I managed to finish my final sermon preparations and get myself reasonably presentable by the time I had to be over for Church, but my stress level was high. Lot’s of little things kept piling up, and after a while it just tends to set me on edge.

I’ve still got to pastor, however, and when the call comes to be present for someone else my minor stress gets placed in a “get a grip and handle this later” bin. I can always escape later with a nap, or story, or some exercise — other people deal with stresses they cannot escape, and that’s where my calling leads me.

This Haiku for those people who have entrusted me with this special calling. It’s an honor.

Woke up, hour late
Nothing seemed to work for me
My heart still needed