Writing Update

I wanted to give a short update on my fiction writing.

This past week I released the first section of In the Land of the Penny Gnomes. I’ve been enjoying going through what I’d written several years ago and preparing it for the blog. Penny Gnomes was one of the first projects I attempted in Scrivener, and it shows in the way I had the project set up. Back then I was forcing my workflow into Scrivener, years later I’m molding Scrivener to my workflow. The differences between how I use Scrivener now, and how I used it then, make my efforts to update the story structure extremely interesting. Before I began this process I hadn’t realized how much the way I use Scrivener has changed!

This week has been mostly dedicated to my restructuring edits, which has been a great time. I’ve merged several individual documents together and even moved scenes into different chapter locations. As I’ve gone though the previous draft I’ve done some edits for content and style, converted rich text markup to markdown syntax 1, and relearned some of the character voices.

Unfortunately, the amount of work I had to do to In the Land of the Penny Gnomes in order to make it ready for the blog has meant my editing process for the other novel is currently stalled. I’m committed to begin this process next week during the time I’m typically writing my fiction on Monday mornings. As I’ve got eleven different scenes written 2 for Penny Gnomes, this should give me the time I need to clean up Welcome to the Valleys and get it ready for an editor.

If I’m fortunate, I’ll be able to find some time to add to Penny Gnomes during my second draft process — having spent the last few days in Great Roll 3, I’m really looking forward to outlining the continuation of this story! Jeremy’s tale was fascinating to me because of the unseen tension found throughout the narrative. The Penny Gnomes story is just plain nonsense, and it’s so much fun to write! I am currently considering what visualizations to use for my blog posts, as the Penny Gnomes story unfolds I’d love to hear your ideas!

  1. This makes it easier to post my content to my blog 
  2. And over 18,000 words. 
  3. You’ll find out what this is soon enough.