On my photo walk last Sunday I decided to walk along the bank of the Delaware River below the retaining wall. The tide was out very low, so there was a wide path to stroll along as my friend and I walked, and we go to seem some familiar sights from a completely new angle.

At the very end of the low tide path I came across a rather unusual object. A latex balloon tied to an exposed part of rebar in the retaining wall. It didn’t show many signs of deflation, so I assumed it couldn’t have been there very long, but it’s presence interested me. Why was it tied there? Did it mark some celebration was was it just the result of some impulse by a someone who didn’t want to drag it home to throw it out?

I suppose I’ll never find out, but it makes a nice foreground object in this image. I also love how smooth the water looks.

ISO 250
1/400 sec