iPad Pro, 2 Months In

It’s been just over two months since I made the jump to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, so it’s a good time to share some thoughts on my extended use of the device.


As far as I’m concerned, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is the ideal platform for Scrivener users, especially those who use Scrivener for blogging. The large screen, combined with the excellent smart keyboard cover, makes this device a powerful mobile writing studio. Since I first purchased iOS Scrivener, I’ve created several workflows which automate the posting process directly from Scrivener’s share sheet. It’s cut down on the time I spend in WordPress significantly, and I’ve not written a blog post on my MacBook since the middle of August.

I also love how easy it is to move files around inside my Scrivener projects. The added screen real estate, combined with Scrivener’s excellent User Interface, make project management a joy.


As I wrote back in August, Adobe recently added the ability to import raw files into Lightroom Mobile. Throughout September, and now into October, I have continued to import most of my camera images into my Lightroom library via the mobile app. This decision has led to come growing pains as I’ve wrestled with the best way to handle the images inside my desktop Lightroom install, mostly concerning file locations, but the ease with which I can edit photos on my iPad Pro 1 has me reaching repeatedly for my camera connection kit.


While there are still tasks which I can do more easily on my MacBook, I find the vast majority of tasks I need to accomplish fit rather nicely with my iPad Pro. This is become even more true with the release of iOS 10, which has made inter-app sharing work much better.

I’m now finding I can leave my MacBook plugged in and unused for days at a time, and not lose a single step in my productivity. I’m not yet willing to make a full-time jump to the iPad Pro as my sole computer, but it’s certainly getting close.


I have not watched a show or movie on my MacBook since August 9 2. Why would I want to? The iPad Screen is crisper, the speakers are better, and the lack of a fan remove significant background noise from my viewing experience. Also, the iPad doesn’t get anywhere near as hot. I would love more options for angling my iPad Screen, but not so much I’d reach for any other device to watch a show.

Also, Civilization Revolution is stunning on the larger screen.


In the two months I’ve had the 12.9 inch iPad Pro it has become my “first grab” computing device. I don’t regret the purchase for a moment.

  1. And also on my iPhone 6s Plus. 
  2. The day I purchased the iPad Pro.