Changing My Computer

More and more I’m seeing an iPad that lets me work without any artificial speed bumps in my way, and I like it.

Shortcut Magic

With my impending departure from Adobe’s shores, I found myself wondering how my photography workflow would be affected. Would I still be able to handle some, if not most, of my workflow on my iPad once I leave Lightroom behind?

iPad Pro 2018, First Thoughts

Yesterday I shared the reasoning behind my recent upgrade to the 2018 iPad Pro, as well as my first thoughts using the redesigned keyboard cover. Today I want to share my first thoughts using the device as a whole.

My Top Paid iPad Apps

Think you might get an iTunes gift card for Christmas? Here are some excellent apps to considering purchasing!

A Punch In The Face

Over the past few months we’ve been migrating ABCNJ’s team communication to Ryver. It’s been smooth transition, with one hilarious exception.

Changing Habits

Monday night we wound up in the mall and my son and I decided to explore the local Apple Store.