What a Day


This morning the light was wonderful, I decided to head out and take some pictures before the Sun rose too high. And then I discovered my camera batteries were dead.

Slightly bummed, I plugged a battery into my charger and headed out about 45 minutes later than I wanted. The light was harsher than I’d hoped, but the Sun was still low enough to prevent my highlights from blowing out.

I did a lap around the larger of the two lakes in the park, ending on a path on which I’d not walked in my previous trips there. What I discovered was an old paved road, with a mass of vegetation off to one side which was really an over-grown sidewalk. A railing still stood to keep non-existent pedestrians from falling over a short wall.

Fascinated by this discovery, I decided to take yet another previously untravelled path to see this wall from below. This side-trip led to my favorite photograph from the day. One of the reasons I continue returning to the site because it is, in many respects, an abandoned location. Relics of its commercial past remain in place to be witnessed, if one bothers to look. Two other park patrons informed me of an old staircase which leads down the wall which is pictured below. I’ll have to locate on another trip once some more of the ground vegetation dies.

ISO 500
ƒ 3.5
18 mm
1/125 sec


  1. What a wealth of defined color here! And I always love seeing Nature take back the land. 🙂

    1. wezlo says:

      Yes, though I think we may not see as full an array as we normally do. The trees are distressed so a lot are just dropping their leaves.

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