Best Laid Plans

I’d planned for my post to go up late today. The “Super Moon” was going to be shining at it’s brightest, and I wanted to capture it as it came up over the horizon. I even had a new lens I wanted to use for the occasion.

Instead, the clouds rolled in and the Moon was hidden from sight. I ended up heading out to do some food shopping with my family.

The aforementioned lens is a manual 500mm fixed ƒ8 reflector. It’s very compact, thanks to the mirror set up, and the full manual design forces me to practice some different photography skills. It’s not a very sharp lens, and the focus is extremely touchy, but I think I can come up with some creative uses for it. It will certainly be “tripod only.”

When the reflector is attached to my Nikon’s body using a t/t2 to f mount adapter none of the camera’s automation tools are active. Even the light meter is wonky. Using it, therefore, will force me to better understand the relationship between shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO. As I’m still learning, most of my first test shots were all over exposed. It’s all part of the process.

The image below was taken with the camera in my tripod, with the legs retracted as far as they could go. I see myself doing some artistic macro shots with this glass, and perhaps some birding photos.

A macro shot of fallen leaves
Vivitar 500mm reflector lens
ISO 800
1/50 sec