Beautiful Thing

It’s been a cruddy week.

Everything I’ve tried to accomplish has been blocked by an error, glitch, or other problem. At last count I’d spent around 12 hours on the phone with various instances of technical support. As such, every productive thing I wanted to accomplish had to wait. I also had something to do just about every night, putting a further stain on my emotional reserves 1. I thought I had an exceedingly minor point of life settled when I finally purchased a TV, but it turned out to be a dud and I ended up taking it back.

Nothing was working. It was just one of “those weeks.”

This morning the cruddy week capped off as I sat with a family as a dear soul passed from this life to the next. I’ve been to many bedsides throughout my years as a pastor, and said goodbye to far too many people, this one hurt. Perhaps having to be “the professional” around moments of suffering and death is finally catching up to me.

Through it all I somehow managed to bang out 900 words on the Lord’s prayer, but I have absolutely no idea how. Right now I’m on autopilot.

Thankfully, this morning I had enough presence of mind to look out upon a brilliantly illuminated tree. Desperate for something beautiful, I grabbed my camera and captured some photos of the lovely yellow leaves as the morning Sun shown down upon them. It was a ray of light I desperately needed.

Hope is, indeed, painful.

Yellow leaves of Late Autumn

Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm Lens
ISO 125
1/60 sec

  1. Too much people.