The Wrong Lesson

I’ve seen several different versions of Christians using memes which try shaming people into coming “back to church.” It’s beyond infuriating, it’s stupid.

Random Thoughts #23

It’s Wednesday, random thoughts time, with appearances from UPS disappointment and blatant idolatry.

Post Quarantine Worship

People are hoping the social distancing restrictions will ease up some by the end of May, which means many churches are pondering the best ways to reopen without encouraging a resurgence of CoVid-19 1. Here are thoughts which are being pondered at Central Baptist. The key word is “pondered.” This is an ongoing conversation. Personal…

A Journey’s End

After a decade and a half of service, today is my final day as a member of the ABCNJ Regional Ministry Team.

Losing Focus

Pastors have been more busy over the past month than they can remember. Now we’re starting to lose focus.

Staying Connected

We’re physically distanced, the call to care for one another still applies.