Thanksgiving Rose

This week Apple Watch users received a bit of a nudge from the company in the form of a Thanksgiving Day Challenge. The challenge was simple, users who complete a run, walk, or wheelchair work out of at least 3.1 miles on Thanksgiving 1 would be given a special achievement badge and a sticker to use in iMessage.

Since I began using an Apple Watch I’ve been walking more and more, and three miles is right around the type of walk I truly enjoy taking. So, as I had the day off anyway, I figured, “Yah, I can do that.” This morning I woke up, completed the day’s reading for my Bible plan, and then suited up to complete the challenge 2.

Of course I had my camera along.

I decided to take a new route, and walked down to the river and turned left instead of right. This took me down through Palmyra Harbor and then up on a road a block from Route 73. It was a quiet morning, and I even found myself avoiding any big piles of leaves which had blown over the sidewalk. If people were sleeping in, that last thing I wanted to do was wake them 3.

As I wandered past the clubhouse down at the Harbor I discovered a few rose bushes 4 still in bloom. So I stopped and captured a few images. The one below turned out to be my favorite.

Photographing flowers continues to be a challenge for me. I find the colors to easily blow out, leaving the blooms with almost no definition. Developing them, however, is most gratifying. As I tweak settings hidden details emerge, more closely capturing the memory I carry in my head.

A blooming rose on Thanksgiving Day.
Nikon D7000 with 55-300mm Lens
ISO 1000
ƒ 5.6
1/160 sec

  1. Or, 5k in sensible parts of the world. 
  2. 3.44 miles, in case you were wondering. Yesterday I walked 3.81. 
  3. In some of the neighborhoods around here the houses are very close to the sidewalk. 
  4. Or what looked like rose bushes to my untrained eye, I’m the writer so that’s what I’m calling them. Also, “Thanksgiving Rose” is a much better title than “Unidentified Thanksgiving Flower”