Writing Update

As yesterday’s post explained why I write, I thought today I’d take some time to share some updates on what I write.

Welcome To The Valleys

Since I complete the first/web-draft of Welcome to the Valleys life has exploded. I simply have not had time to sit down with the story and clean it up before I submit it for an official edit. I’ve got a vacation coming up, perhaps I’ll take some time to work on it then.

The story needs several tweaks.

First, I never liked my “split team” sections, which is why I abandoned them fairly quickly. I may move these scenes to an appendix and provide some details in the main story to fill in any gaps this creates.

Second, there are some location names which changed during the project. As I was writing “stream of conscience” for much of the first half of the story, I need to go back and clean these up.

Third, the chapters are just too dang long. I’m going to go back and split the chapters up differently to make the chunks more accessible. This might lead me to speeding up the trip to The Ravine a bit. We’ll see.

When I have these tweaks in place I’ll have someone edit the book and make corrections and changes. After this is completed I’ll prep the book for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks 1. If any of my regular readers want to buy a copy, that would be great. If not, I’m glad you read it.

In January I plan on mapping out the general story for the continuation of The Valleys series. I need to cover some events which are happening back in The Valleys, so the second book may consist of two parallel stories. I’ve read LOTR too many times, I guess.

In The Land of the Penny Gnomes

While life has been busy, I’ve also been enamored with my long-delayed satire. It’s so much fun being back in The Realm much of my imagination has been poured into how this tale will play out.

I was out early today and managed to sit down at a Starbucks to sketch out the general arc of the rest of this story. I also managed to map the scenes for the next two chapters. Right now it appears we’ll be hanging out with these characters for fourteen chapters, though I may split some up if the story doesn’t map out the way I want. In case you were wondering, tomorrow’s post is the conclusion of chapter five.

I’m also going to be working on making The Legend of the Penny Gnomes 2 into an illustrated children’s book. My daughter would do some excellent visuals for this material!

  1. And if Scrivener 3 is out by the time I’m ready to do this, I will be extremely happy. 
  2. Chapter One of the book. 


  1. Peg Horton says:

    I am excited about the book. I once told you that if ever the valleys came to be a book I want that book. It will be my favorite .

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  2. This is the WORST time of year for a pastor to do anything not-church-related. I’m amazed you get any writing done at all during Advent!

    1. wezlo says:

      Actually, for pastors that is Holy Week. This time of year kills the extra-curricular productivity for EVERYONE. How many parties do I need to attend in a single month during a season which is supposed to be about pause and reflection?

    2. Oh, true! I always think Advent because of the choirs and kid’s service my parents had to handle, PLUS Dad had to work on writing Lent/Holy Week services for publication at that time. But yeah–Holy Week is awful.

    3. wezlo says:

      But at least with Holy Week there is a recognition of it’s stressfulness (I actually enjoy it because no one questions why I’m spending so much time on it). There is no such understanding during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

    4. Nope. None at all. Growing up Christmastime was THE most stressful time of the year, and relatives never understood why. I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come, but not for the presents–for that release from the insanity.

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