Christmas Reflection

Christmas afternoon the Sun was out, and there was not a cloud in the sky. As we’d had a pretty amazing brunch during morning worship, and a delicious meal mid-afternoon, the blue skies called me to get out and stretch my legs though a walk.

I didn’t go far 1, but managed to get a couple of miles in before I returned home.

As always, I took my camera with me on my journey. While the Christmas decorations in town were charming, I was especially impressed by the stillness of the Delaware River. In all the years I’ve lived near it’s banks I’ve never seen it as calm as it appeared yesterday afternoon.

The low Sun, clear skies, and calm waters combined to create some unique scenes along the river. My favorite of the set is below, it’s the Riverton boathouse, with a nice reflection coming off the water. To see the rest of the images from my Christmas walk, see my SmugMug album.

Riverton Boathouse on the Delaware River
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 200
ƒ 13
33 mm
1/100 sec

  1. I’ve lapsed a bit with my exercise. Fighting a cold, followed by a sinus infection, will do that. 

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