A Day Off


The morning sun in my backyardMonday is my day off, but it’s usually difficult to find my sabbath rhythm in the morning. While Monday is my day off, it’s just an ordinary day of the week for my wife and kids. So they are up running around getting ready for work and school, and I’m usually up with them.

Today, however, my wife and kids have off. So I woke up early, fulfilled my morning ritual 1, and sat down to write at the old table my parents recently passed on to me. At this point my coffee has been consumed, the next scene for tomorrow’s Penny Gnomes post has been written, and the Sun is beginning to climb over the houses in our back yard. There’s a thick frost on the ground, and the hibernating grass is shimmering with light. I’ve been up for almost three hours and have not uttered a single word.

This is my kind of morning.

  1. Devotions, emptying and filling the dishwasher, and making coffee.