I found this image while searching for a different photo and was struck by it’s look. It’s a late-August sunset taken with a fast shutter, low ISO, and high f-stop. The result captures the highlights and leaves the rest of the photo in silhouetted shadow. The extreme contrast between light and dark announces an immanent end of day, but the flares of light reveal it’s not fading without a fight. The light of hope can never be fully defeated.

In many ways the photo reminds me of the state of the USA, and those who claim to be Jesus’ disciples within it’s borders.

For some reason I’ve never posted this photo anywhere, which boggles my mind.

Nikon D700 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 150
1/2000 sec

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    You once said, ” hope shines the brightest when it is the darkest”. So true!

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