Unexpected Beauty

I was researching USB microphones on my MacBook yesterday afternoon when, unnoticed by me, the wall behind our desk suddenly took on a brilliant pink hue. My wife, ever more observant than her hyper-focused husband, pointed it out.

“What’s the Sunset look like?”

Now, when I’m typically in hyper-focus mode I get annoyed when someone jogs me back into reality. It takes me several heartbeats to readjust and be comfortable with the existence of other humans 1. The word “Sunset,” on the other hand, meant the possibility of pictures. So I really never came back to reality, I simply shifted from one hyper-focus to another.

I stood up, took one look out the window, shrieked like a little kid on Christmas, and grabbed my camera 2. The light was quickly dying in the Winter afternoon so I quick opened my window, hung out and took some photos. It was a great way to end a stressful day 3. I also turned this image into a vector, which I’ll be uploading to OpenClipArt later today.

Sunset with silhouetted trees in the foreground.
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 400
1/100 sec

  1. My wife is a saint. 
  2. I wasn’t even annoyed with my wife and daughter for having endless fun with the shrieking. 
  3. I also got to use my USB 3 SD adapter for my iPad. OhmygoshhowfastIloveit. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Clear day tomorrow . And today was good.

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