It’s Cold

After our recent cold snap I knew the river would look pretty cool. So I took my camera along for the ride during my one excursion from the house today.

Hanging On

I went for a short walk on Saturday and came across this lone holdout from summer.

Last Snow (I Hope)

Despite my struggles with winter, however, even I am able to see the beauty in a world blanketed with snow.

In Flight

In The Philly area temperatures rose back into the upper 50’s for the second Saturday in a row, so I decided to head back out to the Palmyra Nature Cover with my camera.

An Icy Morning

This week the Philly area experienced a break from its month-long cold streak, but not before Winter had one last gift to give the region. On Tuesday that gift arrived in the form of an ice storm.

Lonely Tree

I imagine this tree must be a lovely spot on Summer day, offering shelter from the Sun’s rays and affording a beautiful view of the river. In early January the tree was barren and, while the river was still beautiful to behold, the cold made it a spot in which one would not want to linger.