February Spring, Day 2

On Thursday temperatures reached 72 degrees.

On Friday they peaked at 76.

This is my kind of week.

After attempting to rewrite my sermon Friday morning 1 I switched to my 500mm lens and decided to take a stroll down by the river. I wore sandals, without socks, in February. It was high tide, so many of the birds were elsewhere, but I did manage to capture some decent shots of the geese. You can see these in my smugmug gallery. Perhaps the most interesting thing I captured on my walk today was someone jet skiing, in February. Pretty wild.

My most distinctive image from the walk, however, was an image of growing things. It’s February, and these plants are acting like it’s April. The day was so nice my wife and I strolled to a local Mexican Restaurant after youth group, and dined outside. In February.

I can Winter like this.

Plants growing as though Winter was gone
Nikon d7000 with Vivitar 500mm reflex lens
ISO 400
125 sec

  1. Twice, and I still actively hate it.