Have A Heart

I’m not sure where we acquired this delightful plant, but I’m glad we have it.

Filling Up

Saturday was one of those perfect late-Summer days which calls me to head out and explore the world.

February Spring, Day 2

On Thursday temperatures reached 72 degrees. On Friday they peaked at 76. This is my kind of week. After attempting to rewrite my sermon Friday morning 1 I switched to my 500mm lens and decided to take a stroll down by the river. I wore sandals, without socks, in February. It was high tide, so…

Colors of Fall

On Friday I presided over the funeral, and was asked to photograph some of the floral arrangements by the family. Unfortunately, the full display had been taken to the gravesite by the time I had access to my camera. But a single piece, a bamboo cross, was left behind at the request of the woman’s…

Late August River

Last week, between my recovery from my stomach bug and the oppressive humidity, I wasn’t feeling up to walking out and about to take pictures. I managed to see my daughter’s show, and get some pictures of the production, but I like to be “out and about” when I photographing the world. This week, however,…