Unpacking Briefed

Here is where the fun begins! The pieces have all been moved into place, the crisis has been revealed, and the group is about to head off on their quest. Let’s unpack.

General Isme

I hope someone has figured this out. The General’s name is a lame pun, “The General is me.” Sorry. I was in an odd mood that day and the name stuck.

Other than his ridiculous name, why is the General so… nasty? I mean, sure, the civilian government has run off into hiding and a horde of rampaging copyright lawyers are about to sack The Realm. But the General is a professional, you’d think he’d be a bit cooler. Instead, he seems to go out of his way to be obnoxious. Why is that?

Look at his hair and eyes.

He was wounded during the siege of Boarsblemish and should have faded. And he would have, had he not been given an experimental version of Nobody’s Fading treatment. Unfortunately, the beta version tended to fix people’s personalities into whatever mood they were in when they were dosed. Isme was not a happy camper, hence the nasty behavior.

A Slight for Sore Eyes

Why didn’t Isme pay any attention to Bug and Sindy? He saw them as interlopers. Neither had rank, nor did they bring any particular expertise to the meeting. So greeting them would have been, in his mind, a false sentiment. Isme’s a little weird that way.

Royal Aspirations

Some officers really do believe Isme should assume the throne in order to save The Realm. For his part, the General isn’t interested seizing the kingship. As far as he’s concerned, that’s nothing but politics, and he’s got no time for that.

He isn’t kidding about the court-martial, either. Isme is a very… direct… person.

Dire Circumstances

Nobody’s update on the Firewall confirmed what people already knew, they’re doomed. The Realm can’t win a shooting war with the full might of the Horde, and when the firewall collapses there were be few places which will remain secure against the Horde’s wrath. Boarsblemish and The Fifty Peaks Mountains will be besieged, and without hope of reinforcements they’ll eventually be broken. The Realm will end.

So the army will fight a battle in an effort to allow little people to sneak behind enemy lines and save the day 1. Thankfully, the lawyers haven’t been able to locate Firewall Control. A small band of soldiers still maintains that position, keeping the remote terminals open for as long as they can.

It’s about time

The Narrator has been waiting for Will to be given his due as a prophet. Fame and accolades are nice, but the teen was meant to accomplish meaty tasks, and negotiating with the Horde is one of those tasks. It’ll be interesting to see if Will is up to the challenge.

  1. Everything is a footnote to Tolkien.