MST3K Returns

Crow: “Jonah, what’s a radio?”
Jonah: “It’s like a podcast you can’t control.”

With that, I knew Mystery Science Theater 3000 1 had returned.

I first encountered MST3K in high school when some of my co-workers introduced me to the episode, “The Creeping Hand 2” The mix of a terrible movie, with the silhouettes of three relentless hecklers over-laid on the screen was incredible. I fell in love with the concept so much I continued to follow the original MST3K cast post-show though their Rifftrax 3 site.

When I first saw MST3K was going to make a comeback, I was excited. When I read they were bringing in a new cast, I was a bit more skeptical. I’ve been listening to the original voices for so long I wasn’t certain I’d be able to adapt my ears to the change. But then came the podcast line and I knew at that point I was hooked all over again.

I wasn’t familiar with Jonah Ray prior to MST3K, but he’s doing a great job as the new test subject 4 The additions of Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt to the MST3K family, both of whom are geeks icons who wield our wit expertly, are incredible. Add in some cameos from the old cast 5 and you have a nice mix of nostalgia and freshness.

If you have Netflix, and enjoy “mid-brow” geeky humor, this is something you do not want to skip!

  1. MST3K to fans. 
  2. Tell them I’m smoking. 
  3. I actually own every one of the Twilight films because that’s when you see their true art. They’re actually comediesline! 
  4. Really, explaining it would sound absurd. Just watch the show. 
  5. Gotta love the Brain Guy. 


  1. As a fan of the original show, I remain skeptical, but I’m excited to hear you’re a fellow fan, too! Did you ever check out Riff Trax or Cinematic Titanic?

    1. wezlo says:

      LOVE Rifftrax, check out the footnotes.

    2. Oh! And I should also recommend Incognito Cinema Warriors. The only riffing group not tied to MST that we’ve found just as hilarious, occasionally even MORE hilarious.

    3. wezlo says:


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