Yard Sale

Unwanted Baby ItemsToday was Riverton’s “Treasure Day.” Houses all over town put out their junk and invite people come out and buy it. As our house is on the border between Riverton and Palmyra we’ve joined in the past through years, and then used whatever money we earn at the swim club snack bar throughout the Summer.

When it comes to offering our junk to public perusal, I think we’ve successfully scraped the bottom of the barrel. This year we made $26.50 at our yard sale. We then went out to Chipotle, after taking our abundant remainders to Good Will, and spent $26.51.

Hint taken. Next Treasure Day we’ll just sleep in.



  1. Peg Horton says:

    So to ” sleep in” is worth $26:50 ?

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    1. wezlo says:


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