First Flash


I will be taking a trip to Portland, Oregon at the end of June in order to follow my former boss around with a camera 1. As we’ll be indoors at a conference center for the majority of our time, I thought it might be worth investing in an inexpensive flash for the project. After searching Amazon, I finally settled on the Neewer VK750 II i-TTL Speedlite. This is a flash which will speak with my camera, and the two will work together to create the best photo based on my settings.

I’ve never had a bounce flash before, so I’m looking forward to exploring this type of photography. As with any new toy, I pull this out of the box soon after it arrived and put it through a quick test 2. I took five photos, with the flash set up a different way for each. The descriptions are attached to each photo in the gallery below.

  1. It’s a long story. In reality he’s letting me do this as a favor to me. 
  2. After finding suitable batteries. We have around two hundred rechargeable double-a batteries in the house, my just piles them in a bag and then complains to me when he can’t find any charged ones. 


  1. chrisjwilson says:

    Nice! See if you can get a polystyrene bowl and put that on top. It acts as a “Gary Fong” diffuser and gives some pretty pleasant shadows.

    1. wezlo says:

      You need to show me this setup!

    2. chrisjwilson says:

      I’ll see if I can grab one from somewhere. Otherwise a quick Google search for “Homemade Gary Fong diffuser” will bring some pretty interesting inventions.

    3. wezlo says:


  2. Peg Horton says:

    You have a good looking son. That is a wonderful shot.

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