Not Quite The Same

My neighbor and I hadn’t been our on a photowalk for a while, so we took advantage of the stunning weather to get out and see what we could see.

Graeme Park

Yesterday the weather in Philadelphia had broken from our long string of 90+ degree with high humidity weather. It was cloudy, but my wife and I decided to get out and do something.

A Dunkirk Review

Of all the movies which I had tagged to see this Summer, the one I *most* looked forward to was Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

A Credit Life

One of the more interesting aspects of Colonial life might seem both familiar and peculiar to Twenty-First Century ears. The colonies didn’t have a lot of money in circulation. Many people have quaint images of people walking around with a large purse of coins, spending gold and silver with frivolous abandon 1, but the reality…

Personal Milestone

Back when I began my daily blogging challenge back in 2015 Painfully Hopeful had been laying dormant for a few years. I’d kept the domain active, but hadn’t found time to give the site a voice.