Unpacking Pow-Wow

What’ll happen to our characters, now they’ve been captured by the Lawyers of the Copyright Horde? Things are getting interesting. Let’s unpack.

Stand of the Red Boots

We won’t see them again, they’re red boots. It was a noble effort, and some of them escaped back into the Satire Shield, but both surprise and firepower were on the side of the Horde.

Befuddled by Satire

Satire plays havoc with Fineflin’s ability to sense danger. Driving through the shield leaves him woozy for several minutes, but the prolonged exposure caused by walking through the field has short-circuited his skill.

About Lawyers

So most armies have platoons, companies, divisions, battalions, and armies. The ranks in most armies range from Private to General.

The Horde is different. Their ranks range from “Legal Aide” to “Adjutant General.” The rank of “Litigator” is equivalent to a Captain, and a Partnership is akin to a Division.

The Copyright Accords

Sorry, I can’t explain more about this right now. But… it’s important.

A mind of its own

Applied Imagination has a mind of it’s own. Has anyone figured this out yet?

Satire sucks power

Tell me about! This story has been bouncing around in my head for the better part of two decades and writing my scenes Monday morning sucks me dry!

The Narrator helps

I wonder what the Narrator has in mind for Nobody’s portable Satire Shield? Also, why would being captured be “right where you want them?” It doesn’t make a lot of sense.