Unpacking Just Who is Who?

While there was not too much which went on in this scene, there were some important tidbits dropped as our characters rode toward their destination. Let’s unpack.

By Name?

Why did the Professor request Oscar by name? Is there a deep, secret, insight Nobody has into the dwarf’s character?

Not really. As it turns out, the Professor only knows the names of two of the dwarves who programmed the firewall. Oscar was one. The other Nobody doesn’t like because he refused to sample an early prototype of his snack chips.

Yup, Oscar is currently a prisoner of war because one of his fellow coders refused to sample a bag of “Octopus and Chives” snack chips.

Elvish ear pinch

Look, he’s got pointy ears, and Oscar was flipping out. You had to know something like that was about to happen.

None of that silly neck pinching, though.

The Boarsblemish Mole

There is a mole placed high in Boarsblemish Command. This person has been obfuscating data regarding the state of the firewall for some time, putting The Realm’s military in a precarious position. When Isme launches his attack, he’s going to have a serious problem.

Welcome to the Bar

Who is the mysterious Roy Stevens? His suit does mark him as a lawyer 1, but the lack of camouflage is telling. He’s not military, so who is he? We’ll have to find out.

  1. No other tribe in that world would wear such ridiculous clothing.