Unpacking Breakaway

The plot thickens! Let’s unpack.

Copyright Accords

Have you ever wondered why certain concepts and plot devices keep appearing throughout the corpus of fiction? This cross-pollenization is covered by the Copyright Accords.

This treaty allows a certain amount of commodities to travel between Actualized Realms 1. This trade sparks new ideas in the different realms and these resources are then forged into new compounds, each unique to the region in which they were forged.

On of the Firms which administer the Copyright Accords became what The Realm calls “The Copyright Horde.”

They located The Realm via the external trade begun after the pass to the Actualized Realms was opened twenty years prior to the beginning of the war. It took a while for these new traders to become noticed, and even longer for the amount of their business to warrant action. This is when the Horde moved.

No idea?

The Lawyers in charge of administrating the Copyright Accords have no idea about the notion of Actualization. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they’ve never needed to make such a distinction. The realms which they policed were all fictional, and governed by the same set of rules.

The Realm challenged their understanding of reality itself. Which, really, is why many wars are fought.

Fiction is Big?

Have you been to a library, or a bookstore. Or searched Amazon 2? Fiction isn’t big, it’s huge!

The Bar has Arrived

Things are about to get very interesting!

  1. I’m using The Realm’s term here, the Copyright Accords have no mention of the word “Actualized.” 
  2. I would love to give a shout out to Barnes and Noble in the main body, but I’m a little disappointed with their Nook strategy.