Unpacking Answering the Summons


Our protagonists are on the run! Toward what we don’t know, but interesting things are afoot. Let’s unpack.

Not Prisoners

While Will and company have been summoned, they are not prisoners. This is something citizens of The Realm have a difficult time accepting. The only Three-Piece Suited Lawyers they’ve encountered up to this point have been the soldiers of The Copyright Horde, and it’s not left them feeling charitable toward the people group.

The Smoke Machine

The effects of Sindy’s multiple passages through the Satire Shield never wore off, which put her in about one percent of The Realm’s population who suffered similar outcomes 1. When agitated steam would continue to pour from her ears and nostrils until the day she died.

Nobody once did an experiment while involved a room full of dry ice and a convoluted business plan. When Sindy heard the plan, the steam interacted with the dry ice and transformed into a thick fog 2. The Professor then offered his real business plan of renting out Sindy’s ability as a smoke machine to concert venues. After this second business pitch it took the two gnomes four hours to navigate out of Nobody’s living room 3.

Oscar’s rifle

Oscar is the poster child for people who should not be allowed to handle a weapon. He’s anxious, anti-social, and has an underlying anger smoldering deep in his being. Grimby and Fineflin, being in law enforcement, recognized these traits and decided the right to bear arms wasn’t as important as not allowing someone with the temperament of a wasp and patience as strong as paper-mâché to run through a war zone shooting every other flickering shadow

  1. Though the Wizard who grew wings never complained. He took to fighting crime in Boarsblemish after the war. 
  2. Sindy cracked both of her shins on a coffee table, this made the fog thicker. 
  3. Several new inventions came into being as collided with Nobody’s stocked shelved during their groping. These included a self-heating pizza stone and an autonomous coffee-making drone. The latter became a best seller in Great Roll, allowing Nobody to retire comfortably. His snack empire also helped fund his retirement years, but that’s another story.