Unpacking Moving Out

And we’re approaching the climax! Let’s unpack.

That’s quite interesting?

Why does Stevens think Will’s “I just got here” statement interesting? Well, remember, he was sent to gather evidence. Will may have just become Exhibit A.

Bug seems to have noticed Steven’s interest in Will, which is why he’s assigned Sills to stick by his side.

Split Up

There isn’t any nefarious reason behind the way the party is split-up. Stevens needs to get at least some of the group back to camp to offer testimony, and isn’t taking any chances.

The Bar has good intelligence on what’s been going on in The Realm, which is why they were aware of Fineflin’s abilities. Stevens wanted him in the rear car in case they were being followed.

A Smuggling Problem

Before the lands beyond The Realm were explored, and opened in an official capacity, several families of dwarves carved out passes through the mountains. These families conducted trade with actualized lands, bringing in rare items 1. It was through this trade the first electronics were introduced into The Realm.

Flashes In The Sky

Isme’s assault is, indeed, underway. But without the Firewall blocking supplies and reinforcements their chance of success is non-existent.

We’re Here To Save The World

It seems the Attorney General may have a greater understanding of The Realm’s nature than even The Bar understands.

  1. Which they claim they manufactured.