Unpacking The Road South

And now we head back to The Empty Throne. Let’s unpack.

The “idiots the senators put forward”

Much to Will’s shock the Senators had provided a list of candidates for sovereign of The Realm. Seeing the throne filled with anyone but Isme had been their plan all along.

The candidates were a diverse mix — an elf, a dwarf, a gnome, and a centaur — but were also political neophytes who would be easy to manipulate. The most overt of these weak candidates was the elf, a eight month old toddler 1.

University City

Boarsblemish has always been an homage to Harry Potter, and the story has always been clear this was not the town’s actual name. With satire shield being taken off-line the real name of the city is re-asserting itself. And Will is finding the people of The Realm have never even heard the satirical name being spoken. I thought Bug’s reaction was great, “…does a pig with warts sound like an appealing name to you?” Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination, J.K.

Nobody refers to Will’s recognition of Boarsblemish as an “allergy” to satire. This is incorrect. Will, being real, is able to see though the misdirects of Narrative and perceive what’s actually going on in front of his eyes and ears 2. The members of The Bar, including those who made up The Copyright Horde, have their attention turned to the level above Narrative. This is what made the Satire Shield effective.

Nobody’s button

The gnome managed to create a small-scale satire shield several years after the war had ended. Much to his delight, the button re-appeared when he subjected himself to the field. He was most disappointed by the results.

  1. The elves thought he looked good in purple socks. 
  2. You’ve heard of being able to see the “deeper meaning?” This is the opposite of that.