iOS Scrivener Trick – Making an ePub with style

I use Scrivener for *all* my writing. At any given time I’ll have projects syncing in Dropbox which hold my weekly sermons, my blog posts for the current year, and whatever novels on which I happen to be working. Scrivener is a *dream*, and my iPad Pro is my writing tool of choice.

Praying in Crowds

I’m a pastor, and yet I am also filled with great anxiety when I’m praying as part of a group, “prayer circles” in particular.

Fiction-less Tuesday – Writing Update

After two and a half years of doing “Fiction Tuesday” it feels odd to not be posting part of a novel on this day of the week! To help balance out how odd this feels I wanted to give an update on the projects I’ve got underway.

O Come

The season of Advent is almost upon us, which always brings one of my favorite hymns to mind, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

Next Project? A Lenten Devotional

I’ve been mapping out my sequel to In the Land of the Penny Gnomes for the past several weeks, but yesterday I came up with another project which will incorporate short-form fiction 1 – A Lenten devotional. My idea is to write one short piece of fiction, probably under 1000 words 2 for each week…

The Style of Compiling in Scrivener 3

Yesterday I experimented with carrying Scrivener 3 styles through to a compiled document. What I wanted to explore was how to apply certain styles to a document title, depending on which level it was set in my Project Binder.