Let There Be (LED) Light

Two things have always vexed me with the videos I’ve done “out and about.” I’m beginning to sort them out.

More Fun With The G7

When I was exploring camera options back in the Fall one of the features I required was the ability to control the camera through my iPhone. Most cameras on the market today have *some* sort of smart phone connection to control the camera, but in the end I liked what I saw on Panasonic’s models the best.

A Cold Candy Lane

Yesterday my family took a quick trip out to Hershey Park to stroll through Christmas Candy Lane. It was cold.

Pondering The Last Jedi

It’s been a couple of weeks since The Last Jedi was released, so I feel comfortable sharing some of my thoughts on the film.

A Mirrorless Experience

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the move to a Micro Four Thirds sensor, but in my short time with the Panasonic Lumix G7 I am quite impressed.

Unpacking the Bundle

I filmed this rambling unpacking early in the morning, and then my day exploded with good things…