Silence is Golden

Monday night, and through the day Tuesday, I was afforded the opportunity to attend ABCNJ’s overnight clergy retreat at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference. I’m a little leery of events like this, to be honest, because I don’t tend to fit in when I’m among “pastor-types 1.” But, since I have a deep trust in the…

In The Breeze

I suppose it’s a metaphor for how I’d like to live my life — fragile, and yet strong enough to give and sway while remaining rooted.

Nature Cove Relics

The deer path came to an end at a patch of tall grass, so I had to turn back, but not before I noticed something interesting lying down on the sandy ground.

In Flight

In The Philly area temperatures rose back into the upper 50’s for the second Saturday in a row, so I decided to head back out to the Palmyra Nature Cover with my camera.

A Handheld Sunset

I wasn’t certain what I was going to photograph yesterday, until I peaked out the window and saw a beautiful gradient in the sky as the Sun set. Because it was getting darker, I decided to switch back to the 25mm ƒ/1.7 lens before I pointed my G7 out the window toward the setting Sun….


I was perched up on the small retaining wall around the church lawn, looking down toward to steeple of the nearby Methodist church down the street. There was something about the way the street sign played off the distant steeple which peaked my interest, and I thought it might be a keeper.