Out in the driving rain


On Wednesday we had a line of thunderstorms pass through the Philly area, and I though it provided an good opportunity to test out my new rain sleeve on my G7.

The wind had picked up, and was blowing with such force I found it difficult to open my car door after parking by the river. The wind was also driving the rain sideways in globs which were large enough to splash on impact. It was a varsity storm 1.

My earlier reflections on the rain sleeve’s bulk, when compared to the tiny G7, were confirmed by my short excursion. It was almost impossible to keep the rain cover out of the field of view. What I found interesting, however, was how the G7’s touch screen made the camera easier to operate through the plastic window. There was no fiddling with buttons or reaching for controls. I just tapped what I needed and the camera responded. It’s reinforced my desire to acquire a rain cover more suitable for smaller camera bodies.

Below is a shot I would have never attempted prior to my recent purchase. The Delaware was whipped up into a ferment, as the wind blew across its surface. Pretty wild, and the camera was bone dry.

Delaware River during a storm
Panasonic G7 with 14-42mm lens • 14mm • ISO 400 • ƒ/3.5 • 1/800 sec

  1. Which also suffered from a profound lack of lightning. It was odd.