I Got the Edits!


This week I got In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes back from my editor! It’s my first time being able to play with Scrivener’s notes feature, and it’s been a lot of fun going back and reading all her suggestions. I’m only three chapters in, but I can already see how much better she’s making the book. This has me pondering the editing process, which I find I enjoy. Good editors know how to clear up a text using an author’s own voice. The end result is something which better expresses my thought, which is sometimes obscured by my words.

Going through all the edits in Penny Gnomes will take a while, and my editor has made some suggestions which may make the process a bit longer 1. I’m buoyed by the thought that the end result will show a great deal more polish. Cover art is also in process, and I’m excited to get that process completed 2. Once these two steps are finished I’ll start making some noise for the book. Anyone want to interview me for their blog?

  1. She suggested I flesh out Will a bit more, which I’m looking into doing. 
  2. Unexpected expenses have put a small hiccup with it, but I’m still working on it. 

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  1. Peg horton says:

    As you go through the process and expense I hope it won’t keep your son from continuing his goal of writing his novel.

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