The Joys Of Tripping Over The Final Hurdle

Two days ago I took a deep breath, placed my mouse cursor over the “publish your book” button, and clicked. It may have been one of my more nerve-wracking experiences of 2018.

Well, I’m On Goodreads

One of my friends insisted I get a Goodreads author page. So I did. Life is becomming surreal in such a wonderful way.

There’s Still Time To Pre-Order

I am terrible at promoting myself 1, but I am so excited about the upcoming release of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes I’m sailing into the land of discomfort. If you’ve been following along as Penny Gnomes has developed I would be overjoyed if you pre-ordered the book! A present eBooks can be…

Horse At The Manor

I’ve never managed to capture a decent close up of a horse. That changed last Saturday.

Exploring Mellel

I don’t use a traditional word processor for my writing, but if I did Mellel would be in the running to be my tool of choice. It’s also an excellent option for type-setting material created in other applications.

Old Tree

I love photographs of gnarled trees. They possess great texture and do funny things to the light as it passes through their branches.