The Pause I Don’t Like

ABCNJ has drowning in event planning for months, and it’s been my sole focus as a member of the team. Now that everything is ready, I have to wait a few days until we get to unveil what we’ve made. I don’t like the waiting.

Fall Walk

The weather broke for a bit this past weekend, giving us a taste of Fall. It’s back to being wet and humid at the moment 1, but it was nice to have some cooler temperatures for a few days. Bump and I took a walk, and the photographs I took already had that Fall feel….

So Excited!

I’m going to be the Writer of the Day at /r/Fantasy!

Penny Gnomes Update

I’m beginning to hear feedback from a second round of readers, and am happy folks continue to enjoy the book!

After the Storm

Tonight I want to share this image of tonight’s for my neighbors in the Carolinas. The storm will pass. Some pieces won’t be able to be put back together after the skies clear – but life and beauty will present themselves once more. Stay hopeful.

Cultural Memory Loss

The loss of cultural memory is something I find myself musing upon, a lot. I’ve written two novels, and published one, and the loss of cultural identity plays a role in both stories.