Well, I’m On Goodreads

I’m learning a great deal about this community of independent author’s I find myself joining – how authors promote their books, what services they use to make their work available, and that it’s correct to think of myself as an author 1. All of these lessons only serve to make me more excited to see the book released!

I also received one piece of advice from my librarian friend, who will be known only as “Xina Phoenix Xchester 2,” I had never before considered. She all but ordered me to get an author page on Goodreads. What a great idea! And, after the gracious folks who serve as Goodreads’ volunteer librarians dealt with a few of my miscues 3, I am now listed as an author on the social network designed for readers!

Goodreads author page

I hope you’ll follow my author page, ask me lots of questions, and see what I’m up to on the blog you’ll find there. Even more, I hope you enjoy In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes as much I’ve enjoyed the process of creating it!

  1. I suffering from imposter syndrome in a bad way, so permission to apply this identity to myself is huge
  2. She knows who she is. 
  3. These people are amazing. 

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  1. Oh gosh yes, those Goodreads people are impressive! I have to bother them every time I’ve added a short story because they always end up under ANOTHER Jean Lee’s authorography…writography…bookagraphy…you know. 🙂

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