The Paperback Is Out!

In the Land of the Penny Gnomes: A Realmian Adventure
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After my struggles with the last publishing hurdle, which I chronicled yesterday, I was concerned the holiday weekend would force the release of the paperback version of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes into next week. This morning I woke and discovered that this was not the case! I received a congratulatory message from Kindle Direct Publishing telling me the book was on sale!

As the paperback is now shipping, I didn’t want the people who pre-ordered the eBook to have to wait another full week to purchase the book. So I have changed the release date on the eBook to Wednesday, September 4. I’d love to release it today, but that was the earliest date I could set.



  1. HOORAY! insert imagination parade here! Congrats and huzzah! Mayhaps I can kiss up for a signed paperback before I order…. 😉

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